That which is impossible for God is possible for men.


That which is impossible for God. Possible for men? 

Oops! You may think that I got a bit confused with quoting Luke 18:27 –

“And he (Jesus) said, ‘The things which are impossible with men are possible with God.’ “

But no, I meant it exactly the way I put it. 

Think about it… is anything impossible for God? The quick answer would be no – He can do anything. But while it is true that He has all power, He cannot do anything contrary to His character. So we could make a list of things that He cannot do:

  • God cannot lie.
  • God cannot cheat.
  • God cannot be unfaithful.
  • God cannot be fooled. 
  • God cannot fail.

And the list could go on. You may notice that people can do all those things. And they do.

But our problems begin when we make God in our image. That often happens when a person has had a father or other authority figure that has done the things listed above. It is too easy to define God in terms of people that we have known, that we can see. Rather, we need to spend time getting to know Him personally so that we may be transformed into His image.

I find great comfort in considering the things that are impossible for God. Each of His impossibilities cancels one of my impossibilities. When I feel trapped with no way out – I have reached the end of my own ability – He is strong. He is faithful. He is true. He loves me and will rescue me without failing.

When it is impossible for me to be strong, it is impossible for Him to be weak; and He infuses His strength into me. 

Which of God’s impossibilities has been a source of strength for you?



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