Water balloons and hoses


We love, because He first loved us. (1 John 4:19)

Today when I was meditating on this verse I was reminded of the water balloon fights we had when we were young . We would fill the balloons from the faucet; sometimes they would break before we managed to pull them off, but if we filled them just right and tied them off we had a great time drenching each other on those hot summer days. Occasionally someone would get smart and hook a hose onto the faucet. Then it turned into a fight to see who could grab the hose and blast everyone else.

I saw three situations regarding God’s love:
1. We connect with Him in order to fill ourselves with His love, but we don’t give it expression so it doesn’t touch anyone else but us. The experience is beautiful but short-lived, and we find ourselves needing to reconnect with God and start over.
2. We fill ourselves with His love until we feel like we will burst, and seek a target to receive this great blessing. Then we throw ourselves into service and sacrifice ourselves to bless others.
3. Or we can be like a hose and connect ourselves to God – and abide in His love. Then His love can flow from us continually and bless others, and we also get wet in the process!
Are you a balloon or a hose?
Let”s stay connected to the source of love, and seek His wisdom regarding the mission field that He has for us.
Who will you bless today?