Encourage someone – today


I need encouragement. You need encouragement. We need it every day. Encouragement is oxygen for our fire. 

In chapter 3 of Hebrews, we are instructed to encourage one another daily. We read in verse 15, Today, if you hear His voice… It doesn’t say, if He speaks to you today… I believe that God speaks to us every day.We need to be listening – that depends on us! And if we are going to act on what we hear from Him each day, we need to be encouraged each day. 

This passage identifies unbelief as evil (verse 12). We have the ability to help others to stay out of unbelief by helping them to believe. It is amazing what a few words can accomplish to kindle someone’s fire. 

Are we waiting for one special day a week to encourage someone else’s faith? We need to do it daily. We have so many means to do it: a phone call, text, email, social networks, even a personal visit, a cup of coffee… Let’s ask ourselves:

Who can I encourage today? How am I going to do it?



2 thoughts on “Encourage someone – today

  1. We were just talking about this in our family devotions this evening. It makes such a big difference when we use our words to encourage others rather than to defend ourselves or say belittling things to others. Thanks for the great reminder!

  2. Caleb, that made me think about something… How can we encourage others?

    It would seem that to uplift instead of belitteling we ought to feel ourselves strong and confident, while often we do anything but. Yet this is just illusion: if we just consider ourselves dead, we are unshakable. Dead people have no problem with someone standing on top of them. And when the resurrection life of the Christ thus gains room in us, it’s actually easy for us to uplift others.

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