Encourage someone – today


I need encouragement. You need encouragement. We need it every day. Encouragement is oxygen for our fire. 

In chapter 3 of Hebrews, we are instructed to encourage one another daily. We read in verse 15, Today, if you hear His voice… It doesn’t say, if He speaks to you today… I believe that God speaks to us every day.We need to be listening – that depends on us! And if we are going to act on what we hear from Him each day, we need to be encouraged each day. 

This passage identifies unbelief as evil (verse 12). We have the ability to help others to stay out of unbelief by helping them to believe. It is amazing what a few words can accomplish to kindle someone’s fire. 

Are we waiting for one special day a week to encourage someone else’s faith? We need to do it daily. We have so many means to do it: a phone call, text, email, social networks, even a personal visit, a cup of coffee… Let’s ask ourselves:

Who can I encourage today? How am I going to do it?



Torn pages


I read it somewhere again.

The reference to the Chinese believers who pass around pages torn out of a Bible, who would give anything to be able to have a complete Bible in their hands. Mentioned, of course, to make us feel grateful for the privilege of having a Bible, or a few Bibles, and the opportunity to buy one whenever we want to. Not only that, but we can read it anywhere, talk about it to anyone, and live what it says without fear of punishment or persecution.

But this time I am really thinking about it, as I sit here reading the Bible on my tablet, trying to decide which of the dozens of versions I want to read from today. Trying to focus on what I am doing, not getting distracted by everything that my day has in store for me. 

But this time I am thinking about this a little differently; if I, like some persecuted believers, only had a page or two to read, and if I knew the great value of those pieces of paper, what would I do with the information that they contained? Wouldn’t I devour the meaning of them and strive to live each thought that they contained? Wouldn’t I also try to find others that valued these precious words as much as I, and meet with them as often as possible to discuss their meaning for our lives?

This morning I read a little bit. Not too much, because today I want to put into practice what I have read. I want to put the same value on these precious words of life as those who possess so few of them, instead of just reading and forgetting their meaning for the life I must live today. 

Help me, Lord, to value this treasure that I have so freely received!