The Gospel vaccine

This morning I read a phrase that sums up nicely how vaccines work:

Image“Vaccines work by mimicking disease agents and stimulating the immune system to build up defenses against them.”

Now, we may have differing opinions as to whether or not we should go get the latest flu vaccine – that depends on how you want to Google the side effects – but I am seeing another vaccine that works very powerfully to prevent a certain condition from taking place.

 I live in Guatemala, a land of abundant churches. Our statistics show that somewhere around 40-50% of the population consider themselves to be born-again Christians. I used to ask God why he keeps me here when there are so many other places where the Gospel is not so available.

 I don’t ask that question any more. When I really opened my eyes to see the situation, I began to seriously question these statistics. If half of the population is following the teachings of Jesus, desiring to please him, praying and searching the scriptures for truth to guide their lives, then why is corruption and violence so common here that nobody even questions it? I know few people, if anyone, that haven’t been robbed at some time in their lives. Even within the churches, adultery, fornication, and domestic violence of all types is not uncommon.  I could go on and on but I will save you from having to read more; you can imagine.

 Yet at every traffic signal you will find banners advertising this and that church event, conference, prophetic convocation, Christian concert, etc… right next to the banners for some club’s drinking bash with half-naked girls all over it. What a contrast.

 These days you hear the word “viral” frequently, especially referring to some YouTube video. In the first-century church faith was viral. People were “infected” with the Good News and went on to show all of the genuine symptoms of the condition. But what I am finding here is that many people are vaccinated against the Gospel – back to the description of a vaccine – with a message that “…mimics disease agents and stimulates the immune system to build up defenses against them.”

 This is already getting long so I won’t go into how I believe this has happened. Maybe next time. But the point is, it is downright dangerous to build up immunity to the only medicine that will save your life.

 So what can we do to infect people with the good news of peace? How can we shake people out of their comfortable, convenient religion to see the living God? I seek God about these questions every day. I am getting some ideas but I would love to hear your opinion too…


2 thoughts on “The Gospel vaccine

  1. I see the same problem here in Finland, except that fewer people actually consider themselves as born again Christians. Yet they think they know what the gospel is.

    Of course it gets worse with the born again Christians, who should have an idea about what the gospel is. Yet they don’t take if for real.

    This is what I think is the vaccine: the LORD not taken for real. As long as we are only offering vaccine instead of the virus, we shouldn’t expect the gospel to spread. But to offer it it’s not enough to have it in our hearts, or be born again, we should have it in our minds as well, to speak it.

    But how could ANYONE have it in their minds, if it’s lost even from those, who are supposed to teach it? Until them we have little to offer but vaccine…

    • Be encouraged. Where it is dark your light will shine even brighter! God would rather have us be cold or hot, so just keep burning for Jesus and don’t be ashamed of the Gospel. You will see results.

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