In spite of a mother’s dreams…

Early this morning as I returned home from a school run, I was thanking God for the location of the apartment where I live; it is centrally located in a busy commercial area of the city. Almost anything I need day to day is within walking distance. My place is easy to find and not intimidating for anyone to visit, without the gates and armed guards that many other residences have here in Guatemala.

I also appreciate not being so insulated from contact with people from all walks of life. Here, contrasts abound; a block away is one of the most elegant restaurants in the city, but on the way there you walk by a house of prostitution, complete with its neon sign. Image

God used this setting this morning to break my heart with a sight that is unfortunately very common here, but this time it struck me differently; across the street from where I parked my car there sat a middle aged man on the sidewalk, drunk and sleeping (I hope!). He sat in a pool of urine. What broke my heart was that God sparked in my imagination a day some decades ago when a woman gave birth to a precious baby boy, the love of her life. I imagined this woman’s hopes and dreams for her son as she held him to her breast and rocked him to sleep. In her mind he would be a doctor, a scientist, or even president… never did she imagine that he would end up ruining his life with alcohol and find himself at the very bottom of society.

I type this with tears. We must realize that God loves each of us, even more than the most devoted mother; his opinion of us never changes. His purposes for our lives remain. He is always ready to lift anybody out of whatever pit they have allowed themself to end up in; by his great grace and mercy he is willing and able to restore anyone to the place that he intended for them.

God help us to see each human being this way, and allow ourselves to be used by him to restore to people the dignity and purpose that he has always desired for them. 


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