Nobody needs money.

Nobody needs money. Whether it is money in the form of currency or figures in a bank account, in itself the money is not what we need. We only need what we perceive that we could use the money for, but in every case, the need is not the money in itself.

If you really think about it, the substance of money has little value; at best it consists in pieces of metal or paper and ink, or more commonly our stored money exists in digital data on some bank’s computer.  Rather than in its substance, the power of money rests in the value that people place on it, which reduces it to an idea. The economy of a nation depends most of all on the attitude and actions of the people. The value of a nation’s currency changes every day, and in many situations throughout history this change has been drastic and sudden. Those of us living in developing nations are quite aware of this possibility.

What we really need is the actual solution to our situation, the provision for the need. Even if we are in debt and feel we need the money to pay it off, forgiveness of that debt would serve the same purpose. Whether it be food, clothing, housing, transportation, supplies, equipment or personnel, the direct provision for the situation would circumvent the need for cash.

Now, I realize that the most common way for us to take care of these needs is with money. There’s nothing wrong with that! But I think that many times we limit ourselves in our faith when we only think in terms of money.  I know that I need to open myself up to see other ways that God could meet my perceived need. Somehow I feel that if we could focus less on the money, and more on on the actual provision, it may be free us to see God’s hand move even more in our life.

I am thankful to God for the money he has provided me with to move forward in my life and in ministry. But I am even more thankful that He is not limited to that form of provision.

How has God moved in your life in terms of provision?

What changes have you seen in your attitude about money?


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