The right questions

I was just reflecting on how often Jesus asked questions, especially answering a question with a question. Just in the book of Matthew He asked at least 100 questions of the people around Him. He began this habit young; at age 12 His parents unknowingly left Him in Jerusalem, and when they found Him He answered their questions with questions, “Why…? Didn’t you know…?”


He continued to ask questions throughout His ministry.


“Why do you doubt?”

“Will your Father not care for you?”

“Whose inscription is on the coin?”

“What food do you have to give them?”

“Do you not know that…?”

“Why do you think evil in your hearts?”

“Do you believe that I can do this?”

“Who is my mother? Who are my brothers?”

“Who do men say that I am? Who do you say that I am?”

“What do you think?”

“Do you understand these things?”


His questions were always intended to make them think, to cause them to compare His teachings with their current way of life. He especially used questions to zero in on a person’s motives when He was challenged.


So what can we learn from this? Perhaps instead of feeling like we need to have all the answers for people’s questions, we should rather ask the Holy Spirit for the right questions to ask. If we really want to help people work out their problems, understand God’s principles, or know what decision to make, the right questions will cause them to depend more on God’s voice in their heart than on our counsel.


After all, we have two ears and one mouth. If we spend more time listening than talking, we will also hear God’s voice at the same time so that when we do speak it will be with power and conviction.


A word fitly spoken and in due season is like apples of gold in settings of silver. (Prov. 25:11 Amp.)


The beginning!

Ok, I’ve finally taken the plunge. My own blog. We’ll see how much attention this gets!

I just had to do something more than just make personal journal entries, since I find myself writing so much stuff that really would be of interest to other people. And I look forward to getting some comments (that’s opening myself up to criticism, but hey!).

But seriously, life is a journey. I have been following several others’ journeys reading their thoughts on life, and now it’s my turn. (I do have another blog on our mission’s website but with this one I can update it daily if I want to without making them work so hard.) So come with me! Let me know what you think about my sometimes rambling thoughts, if you are blogging too – I want to know. We may as well make good use of the technology that we have, God knows it’s being put to enough bad use. 

Next time, more profound and earth-shaking thoughts.  ; )